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Message from Chair

Message from Chair

On behalf of the DCMP (Division of Condensed Matter Physics), I am delighted to welcome you all. The DCMP is the fourth division of the AAPPS
(The Association of Asia-Pacific Physical Societies) and covers a vast area of physics and materials science.

We all know that the Asia and Pacific region is fast growing in scientific research and producing some of the finest results. As reported in a separate article
by Prof. H. Nojiri, vice-chair of the DCMP, it all started with a small meeting during the APPC 2019 – 14th Asia-Pacific Physics Conference held in Malaysia in
2018. Every one of us, present at the meeting, shared the vision that together, we, condensed matter physicists in the region, would benefit from each
other and contribute towards the healthy growth of the science in the region.

With hard works by many, especially by Hiroyuki, we became the formal member of the AAPPS starting on 1st Jan. 2021. It was a small but momentous
step for a person directly involved in the two-year-long process leading to the DCMP formation. We all firmly believe that the DCMP holds enormous
potential in store for all of us working in the condensed matter physics in the Asia and Pacific regions.

I am extremely honored to work with two vice-chairs (Profs. H. Nojiri and S. M. Yusuf), secretary-general (Prof. K.Y. Choi), and all ten members of the
DCMP-EXCO members, who themselves are distinguished scientists. The goal we have and the ambition we aim are rightly very high. As an organization
representing the condensed matter physics in the Asia-Pacific region, we want to be at the center of the fascinating and vibrant activities in the
vast regions. And we aim to become the center of gravity for whatever future close collaboration we can imagine for the region.

On this high note, I would like to ask you all for active participation and goodwill ambassador for the DCMP. We only took a small step of a long and fruitful
jurney, which will take commitments from all of us. But I do not doubt what we can achieve together and in the long run.

Je-Geun Park
Chair of Division of Condensed Matter Physics
The Association of Asia-Pacific Physical Societies
Professor, Seoul National University, Korea